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Profero Suite

Segasist Profero

Profero is enriched with many new features: DICOM-RT, PACS Connectivity, Contouring in any Modality, Fully and Semi-Automated Contouring, Fast Multi-Contouring, Multi-Planar and 3D Visualization, Tissue Type Detection, Computational Consensus Building, Auto Quality Assurance

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The Power of Consensus

Overcoming the Inter-Observer Variability

Features of a superior software for auto-contouring:

  • High Speed – The software has to be fast and extract the contour in a fraction of a second.
  • High Accuracy – Being fast does not help if the result is not accurate, whereas accuracy is the agreement or overlap of the software result with the expectations of the individual experts.
  • Trainability – The software has to be trainable for each individual clinical expert such that he/she can establish his/her own best contours; the training should customize a contouring assistant for each individual expert.
  • Consensus Building – a trainable software that captures the individual contouring and editing preferences of each doctor is the necessary step for building a consensus contour; to remove the variability you have to capture it first!
  • Consistency Verification – a trainable and consensus oriented software should also be capable of verifying how consistent the user’s contours are.

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