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Segasist Reconcillio

Segasist Reconcillio is a revolutionary approach to the analysis of medical images. It uses the Segasist Engine to create “Knowledge Maps” for each expert user who uses the software. Computational Consensus Building and Auto Quality Assurance are main features of Reconcillio.

The Power of
Computational Consensus

Quality Assurance in Medical Image Analysis


Features of a superior software:

  • Trainability – The software has to be trainable for each individual clinical expert such that he/she can establish his/her own best practices for both diagnosis and treatment; the training should customize an assistant for each individual expert.
  • Consensus Building – a trainable software that captures the individual knowledge of each doctor is the necessary step for building a consensus; to remove the variability in diagnosis and treatment you have to capture it first!
  • Consistency Verification – a trainable and consensus oriented software should also be capable of verifying how consistent the user’s practices are.

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